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August 8, 2020

Interview by Vanessa Guerra

Over the past five years, David Mata, the man behind Marc Márquez’s custom helmets, has become one of the biggest names in helmet design. He tells us about his climb to the top.

Read the interview on the link below.


September 10, 2020

Tuscan Grand Prixview: F1 & MotoGP Chat About Mugello

This weekend, F1 visits Mugello for the very first time for the Tuscan Grand Prix. MotoGP* has been going there for years, which is why Pierre and Daniil had a chat, together with Vanessa Guerra, with their colleagues in the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team, Pol Espargaro and Brad Binder.


June 21, 2020

An insider´s look at the MotoGP season

Host Vanessa Guerra gives an insider's look at all 19 rounds of the 2019 MotoGP™ season. Guerra gets up close to the bikes, the riders and finds out the answers to all your burning MotoGP™ questions.


May 20, 2020

Red Bull ha lanzado el podcast "Carreras cruzadas"

Un serial en audio en el que dos pilotos vinculados a la marca repasan sus carreras deportivas junto a la periodista Vanessa Guerra.

El primer episodio del podcast cruzó las carreras deportivas de Dani Pedrosa y Jorge Prado, tricampeón del mundo de velocidad y bicampeón del mundo de motocross, respectivamente.


December 3, 2020

Podcast Interview: What it´s like to be...Vanessa Guerra

LIVE // On today’s episode, I’m sitting down with pit lane reporter, tv presenter and host of Red Bull Motorsports Inside Pass MotoGP vlog series. Growing up motorbikes weren’t always in this guest’s future. It was a visit to the track to watch her brother compete in the Stock600 European Championships that changed everything. Helping out the team that day with her managerial and language skills led to a permanent position and it was all engines go from there...


September 4, 2020

Women in Motorsports Conference Legacy Report published

One year on from that historic event, the 2020 Women in Motorsports Legacy Report was published on September 3rd.

Included in the report are the main findings of the conference, as well as dedicated messages from several speakers from that day.

Conference host and the first ever Moto2™ female Team Manager Vanessa Guerra was one of those who spoke about the changing role of women in the sport, and how we can maintain our charge towards equality in the future


July 17, 2020

YouTube: Interview With TV Host Vanessa Carlotta

Vanessa Carlotta is a TV presenter, personality, and host of Carreras Cruzadas Podcast. Join the show as Vanessa and BT talk MotoGP, how they met and exclusive details about new YouTube TV Show "Inside Pass"


May 4, 2020

MotoGP, Interview Exclusive de Vanessa Guerra : « je dis “oui” au huis clos si c’est la seule façon de sauver la saison 2020 »

« Je dis oui au huis clos si c’est la seule façon de le faire. Ça va être très dommage pour le public, mais c’est mieux de faire des courses à huis clos que de ne pas en faire du tout. Pour le côté sportif, mais aussi pour les teams. »

« Il y a eu un effet économique général qui sera relayé sur le sponsorship. Si les teams n’ont pas l’argent des sponsors, il n’y aura pas de teams l’année prochaine : ou c’est un collapse total ou il faudra tenter de sauver la saison 2020 en faisant au mieux. »

« Ce sera malheureux pour les fans qui ne pourront sans doute pas être physiquement sur un circuit, mais je pense que de ne le pas faire du tout serait catastrophique pour notre sport. »


June 3, 2020

'Carreras Cruzadas' es un interesante y ameno podcast sobre el mundo del moto

'Carreras Cruzadas' es un interesante y ameno podcast conducido por Vanessa Guerra -una periodista con 15 años de experiencia en el Mundial de MotoGP- en el que, cada semana, dos estrellas de las dos ruedas intercambian impresiones sobre distintos aspectos de la competición, ya sea MotoGP, Enduro, Raids, etc.


September 2, 2020

Women in Motorsports Conference Legacy Report

Last year the FIM Women in Motorcycling Commission, in partnership with the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission, united forces for the first ever joint event for Women in Motorsports that was hosted in Finland. The conference brought together almost 40 high level speakers and more than 100 representatives from 25 different countries across every continent.

To celebrate the one year anniversary of this historical conference, the 2020 Women in Motorsports Legacy Report ...


May 28, 2020

Keeping Me on My Toes: Exclusive Interview with Inside Pass Host Vanessa Guerra

In 2019, Red Bull launched a MotoGP Vlog on Youtube – Inside Pass. Vanessa Guerra is the Creative Producer and Host of the Vlog. Every race weekend, she takes fans behind the scenes to get a closer look at how the weekend is going for the riders and the teams. Before Inside Pass, Vanessa already had a long career in the MotoGP paddock, from team management to pit lane reporter. During this quarantine time, we had a chat with Vanessa, to hear about her amazing journey in the past 12 years.


December 11, 2019

Vanessa Guerra Vlogueuse pour Red Bull Motorsports

Je n´aime pas trop le terme de "Vlogueuse", qui est très en vogue. Je me décrirais davantage comme présentatrice d´une émission sur YouTube pour Red Bull Motorsports, dont le but est de montrer les coilisses d´un week-end MotoGP et les pilotes sous un autre angle, en humanisant les personnages. 


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